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Chiron: The Unhealable Wound

Chiron is a place in our chart where we feel pain, shame, resentment, and bitterness. Like this astroid’s namesake, we didn’t do anything to deserve this experience — which makes it all the more excruciating. Unlike the Path of Mastery, Chiron’s wound isn’t something we can fix. However, with patience and compassion, we can learn to tend to it and carry it well. Understanding this place of pain on a deeper level can help us be more gentle with ourselves and others.

This bundle contains an 80-minute teaching call and transcript.

Saturn's Path of Mastery

One of Saturn’s key roles is to point out areas in our life where we feel hopelessly out of our depth, yet compelled to persevere. Understanding your Path of Mastery means understanding the challenges you’re meant to tackle AND why it can feel so difficult. Everyone has a Path of Mastery to walk towards a rich, meaningful life; what’s yours?

This bundle includes two recorded teaching calls (available now) with transcripts (in progress, to be sent out by the end of 2022).

Zodiac Series

Explore the unique characteristics of your astrological sign in this series of calls. Download individual calls for $25 each or grab the whole set for $200.

Astronomical Clock Photo By Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Get the calls for all 12 signs.

Learn about the sign of spring, new beginnings, and fighting the good fight.

Learn about Taurus the Bull, embodiment of animal comforts and the calm energy of growing things.

Learn about the restless, curious energy of the Twins.

Learn about the energy of Cancer, the sensitive liminal dweller between shore and sea.

Learn about the proud, joyful energy of the Lion.

Learn about the self-contained, meticulous energy of the Virgin.

Learn about the justice-seeking, peacemaking energy of the scales.

Learn about the intense and secretive energy of the Scorpion.

Learn about the adventurous and meaning-seeking energy of the Archer.

Learn about the tough, ambitious energy of the Sea-Goat.

Learn about the visionary, principled energy of the Water-Bearer.

Learn about the watery, ambiguous energy of the Fishes.

Down the Hole with Mercury Retrograde

During the Mercury Retrograde of summer 2018, I took a 5-week journey with some intrepid folks into what a Mercury Rx really is. Let’s just say it’s NOT the “OMG BE AFRAID” fest that most people try to make it.

We used Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland as our framework, because if there’s someone who had to learn the HARD WAY how to play in a Mercurial world, it’s Alice!

This is five full calls, 90 to 120 mins each, romping through this upside-down-and-inside-out experience, finding the mad wisdom in it!