My Work

What I'm most interested in is your complexity.
All the parts of you that pull against the other parts.
The places you feel crazy. That make you think something's wrong with you.
Why can't you just be normal? Why can't you just be one thing, going in one direction, the way everyone says you should?
THAT'S where things get interesting.

Because you're ALL. OF. IT.

Some of those push-pull places are distorted, because you’re afraid of them. The problem isn’t what’s underneath – it’s only how you’re seeing it.

It looks scary. Dangerous. Unacceptable. Weird. Impossible.

Fortunately that’s not true.

We just need to show you a different mirror of yourself.

Not all the parts look like they’ll go together – but that’s only because we’ve been taught to think we need to be paper dolls.

Flat. Two-dimensional. Matchy-matchy.

You can be orange OR blue. Face-on OR profile. You can wear pants OR a skirt.


You are ALL. OF. IT.

And it all goes together. You just have to look in the right mirror.

What you really are is a gorgeously interwoven WHOLE.

Let me help you see yourself as you TRULY are.

You. Me. One on one. Deep Dive.
All of Us. Alchemy in Community.