Places I've jammed with other folks, written or recorded. It's a great way to get a sense of who I am and what I'm on about.

Celestyna Brozek on the Surf and Stars Social Club Podcast

In this fun and engaging conversation with Celestyna, we talk about my background and the way I use astrology to deeply engage with people…along with a few detours into Greek myth and ferret videos.

From Celestyna:

KJ is my favorite person to talk with in the whole world – I hope you enjoy our conversation!

We talk about:

  • What KJ and Baba Yaga have in common
  • Coaching vs. counseling vs. therapy vs. what KJ does: deep engagement practice
  • Spirituality and astrology
  • KJ’s archetypal language (examples: the Mermaid and the Curious Child archetypes)
  • What KJ goes to first in the natal chart; how KJ sees the natal chart
  • Understanding your unconscious biases and being a skillful practitioner
  • Rehabilitation and ecosystems

Simone Grace Seol on the Joyful Marketing Podcast

I’ve had the privilege of joining gifted coach and excellent human Simone Seol for a number of beautifully deep and intense conversations over the years. Visit her website using the links below to listen in.

Simone: As humans working with humans in the self-help and self-development industry, whether you’re a coach, healer, therapist, or practitioner, we believe our work is to heal all wounds. We think the pain or points of tension we carry are meant to be solved or cured, but returning guest of the podcast Karen Hawkwood, a.k.a KJ Sassypants, thinks otherwise.

The idea that all of us have unhealable wounds is a paradox because it’s both a profound bummer and a huge, soul-deep relief. We’re here to help other people feel better in our profession, so what do we do with unhealable wounds? And how could bringing in this awareness of unhealable wounds be our medicine?

Simone: How much have you aspired to be free of internal conflict? How much might you be explicitly or implicitly setting that as a goal for the people you serve? Which parts of yourself are you punishing or shaming for existing within you?

In part two of my conversation with my long-time mentor and teacher Karen Hawkwood, a.k.a. KJ Sassypants, we are diving into the art of paradox. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t make sense to yourself, or that there are parts of you that act out in unhelpful ways, you are not alone. The truth is, however weird or disparate it all seems, these paradoxes that comprise who you are belong, and this is what KJ and I are discussing today.

Simone: [Together] we explore the balance between sovereignty and communality, what it means to be in “right relationship,” and the complicated relationship we humans have with the inevitability of decay and loss, amongst so many other juicy nuggets that we dive into. We both ended the conversation picking up the pieces of our broken brains, and I have a feeling you will too.

Simone: We live in a world, especially within the realm of business and marketing, where we want to attract our people and get them to experience the essence of who we are, but Karen is highlighting how we’re often doing the opposite, where we’re not being as true to ourselves as we could be. The Path of Mastery is all about feeling our way a bit at a time into what makes us uniquely us.

Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto

The absolutely inimitable Elizabeth P DiAlto chose to interview me for her podcast and I was completely stoked, mostly because Elizabeth is, as they say, the BOMB_DIGGITY.

She’s a truth-teller of the highest order. She’s passionately alive in a way that I find very few people ever achieve.

Her first question is always, what’s a big truth that’s really up for you right now?

My unfiltered answer: People are cowards. (Including me.)

Then I said: the politer way to say it is that most people are not in integrity most of the time.


This is just one example of why I love and respect this woman so much.

It’s long enough to be interesting, not so long as to get boring, and if you dig me, you will FUCKING DIG Elizabeth. We had an amazing time in this convo, so check it out!