What My People Say

What some of my beloved and deeply courageous clients say about our work.


Before my work with KJ, I understood the essence of myself and my life as singular – that there was one path I was meant to walk and one self I was meant to actualize in this lifetime.

But after my off-the-charts amazing work with KJ, I see it another way, and this shift has changed my life.  I now live from a place of paradoxical plurality and beautiful complexity.  I no longer see life as a straightforward journey with a clear destiny, but as a dynamic adventure informed by the beautiful chaos, irresolvable multiplicity, and unruly paradox gives life color, depth, and vibrancy.

Through our astrological-archetypal work together, KJ helped me get to a place of choosing to live life from an “all-and” rather than an “either-or” perspective, and from this starting point, I am living a bigger life and embracing my most expansive self.

All of this has been super liberating.  Now, instead of jumping into the fray of endless internal conflict or fighting with the aspects of me that don’t always get along, I’m forging unlikely truces, building imaginative bridges, and just showing up as me.  I’m embracing the convoluted weirdness in my own self and in others and appreciating all the ways this makes life more interesting, expansive, and magnificent.

Thank you so much for the work you do in the world, KJ!  Working with you was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.

~Rachel Bruns


I wanted someone who I felt safe with to explore the dark nights of the soul with – and she did it in such a way that I healed a very traumatic wound that had been buried deep within me. I don’t know if I would have trusted anyone else to hold me in mind, body and spirit – she was so safe, compassionate and honest. Her ability to reflect truth helped me embrace mine.

Karen is one of the most magical beings on the planet – with clear boundaries and a heart that feels like you can swim in it forever. Her sense of humor immediately puts me at ease every time and her ability to wade in complexity, ambiguity and paradox in ways that enlighten rather than burden are incredible gifts she offers to her clients. She nurtures the experiential understanding of who we really are – not just awareness or intellectual acceptance. No sugar coating and lots of soulful revolution as called for.

She was the best guide during a time when I desperately wanted to find my footing in my life – fortunately for me, she helped me realize that wasn’t really the point. True freedom comes from knowing you can be okay even in a world of zero gravity.

~Stacey Andon


I shudder to think where I’d be without your coaching, KJ. I thought I was pretty damn self-aware and self-loving. But I had zero capability whatsoever to make such beautiful sense of my own complexity and internal paradoxes, and know how to embody it all coherently, until you dispensed your deep astrological wisdom.

The biggest wounds of my past turned into treasures. My biggest “flaws” turned into my secret weapons.

When I felt twisted and barely had the right words to articulate the questions, you pulled the perfect questions out of me and presented perfect answers.

I still listen to recordings of our coaching sessions when I just want a dose of feeling unconditionally accepted, loved and seen.

You are one of the wisest, sharpest coaches I’ve ever known, with such a unique approach to astrology, and continue to make ginormous ripples of beauty in my life.

~Simone Grace Seol