What I Am. What I'm Not. Mysteries Remain.

Headshot of Karen wearing a red wrap dress

Here’s What I Am, and What I’m Not.

Other factoids possibly of interest:

I have tattoos.

I strongly dislike all members of the squash family except for one particular person’s pumpkin pie.

I was born with the gift of seeing hidden things and asking uncomfortably shrewd questions about them. It guaranteed an isolated childhood. It’s also given me the work of my soul now.

I have a handful of college degrees. I am a Master Certified Life Coach. They brought me meaningful experiences, and useful knowledge, but by themselves they don’t mean much. Only what I do with what I was taught.

The scent of apple blossoms in spring….

I have a highly unorthodox personal relationship history. Feel free to ask me about it. It’s taught me a lot, including a lot of what not to do.

I have a stuffed Pikachu that has hung from the rear-view mirror of every car I’ve had since 1997.

I maintain a near-illicit love affair with language. But what catches my breath most of all is how language opens doors to mystery and terror and passion and awe.

I’m an extremely vivid person. I don’t do pastels.