Published Writing

My book, Surviving 30, was published in 2014.

It’s a layperson’s introduction to the Saturn Return – a process of identity meltdown and regeneration that occurs between the ages of 28 and 32 for everyone. (It also recurs around 58 and again around 87.)

I’ve studied astrology since I was 16, working with charts for newborns up through clients in their 80s, and the first Saturn Return remains among the most powerful shaping experiences of our lives.

The difficulty is that most people don’t know it’s happening. They don’t know why they feel the way they do, why they’re falling apart inwardly or outwardly (or both!), or what to do about it.

I’ve wanted to write this book since I was 19 years old and read about one of the only people to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and survive. He was 29.

I wished I could have talked to him, even as a random stranger, even for 2 minutes, to say, “There is a reason you feel this way. Your true self is trying to emerge but that means the old self has to peel away. Don’t give up. Trust the process.”

This book is my love letter to that man, and to my own Saturn Return self, and to ALL the people who need help Surviving 30.