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The Paradox School 2024


The very core of being human is paradox: two or more things that are both true and contradictory.

The entirety of western and westernized culture is allergic to paradox.

This means that most of the human people who have emerged from that cultural soil are equally allergic to it, and ways of working with them tend to lack significant effectiveness.

This training is called The Paradox School because that’s the heart of what we do here: we weave together ALL THE THINGS simultaneously, with no “resolution.”

To hear a Q&A call about the Paradox School (as well as what others are saying about it) click here for the call recording and chat log

Our lens is archetypal astrology – but that’s not the WHAT, it’s only the HOW.

What we’re really doing here is learning to go deeply into the essential push-pull of the human experience with integrity and skill.

We learn only enough of the astrological craft to be useful; it’s just the lamp that lights the way, though it does that with remarkable potency.

When we can illuminate the complexities of the psyche this way, things change in people and for people.

They learn how to inhabit their own places of paradox with increasing grace and capacity, rather than trying to “resolve” or “fix” the push-pull.

They learn to see the difference between a shadowy, compulsive, unskillful version of that part of themselves and the healthy, clean, solid version, as well as how to grow into the latter from the former.

The answer is never for us to be someone we’re not, which includes trying to “cancel” the parts of us we don’t understand, that we fear and hate and struggle with.

Learning to hold those parts with clearer perception, rooted in paradox, shows us something different.

Something deeper.

Every true part of our nature has strengths, gifts, and unexpected treasure for us, if we can meet it where it lives.

And all the parts of us that push and pull against each other can learn to live with one another more willingly, even if they’re never besties. Fortunately, they don’t have to be.

I’ve seen this work change people’s lives in profound ways, and now I’m seeing it do the same in the hands of my students.

If you recognize yourself in this mirror, I’d love to have you in next year’s program.

We spend a year together in a small, intimate group, because the depths of paradox don’t yield their riches in a few weeks or even a few months. We need to go beyond cognitive understanding and experience living into those depths together.

The Paradox School is primarily for people who have had some kind of training in the “how to be with people” part, though you’ll learn a lot more about that here, too.

That said, if you don’t have that kind of training but you do want to work with people, that’s a possibility if there are enough other students who are starting from the ground up. I need there to be a certain number of you for that to work, so I can’t promise it will be available–but let’s connect so I know you’re interested in that option.

I have room for 30 people total, so I’ll see who’s interested in which angle and adjust accordingly.




(for those with previous “working with people” training)

$250/mo for 12 months, or $3,000




(for those without training) 

Variable availability – email me ASAP if this is you! karen@karenhawkwood.com

$450/mo for 12 months, or $5,400. 



Teaching calls and materials are pre-recorded so that live calls are focused on practice, integration, and Q&A.

You will receive access to an online folder with all teaching materials.

There are two practice calls a month.

Calls are set for both AM and PM times (Pacific).

Meetings take place via Zoom and are recorded.

  • All calls are open to all students, but you can be fully in the groove by attending one call a month.
  • If we have a Practitioner group there will be an additional 1-2 calls per month.

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If you are genuinely interested and have other specific questions, you can also always email me at karen@karenhawkwood.com and I’m happy to answer what I can.