Through The Mirror

We do not see the world as it is; we see it as we are.

One Introductory Call, May 7 12pm Pacific, $20

One Six-Class Course, Jun 3 – Aug 22, $450

What Do We Actually See?

The Ascendant (or Rising Sign) is in many ways the most mysterious part of the chart, because it is what we look through when we see the world.

We believe what we see is “out there” – not that what we see is heavily filtered through a specific layer of our own self.

Every chart has a distinct layering of filters that stand between everything “inside” us and everything “outside” us.

Understanding those layered filters shows us how we instinctively skew our view of “the world out there,” including other people, because we are seeing through our OWN archetypal nature.

This is really difficult to do, though, because this is all we know – we were born “inside” those filters, so we’ve always seen “the world out there” through this part of ourselves.

It’s like helping fish to understand water.

Once you can see more of what you are “foregrounding” and “backgrounding” – the entire purpose of a filter – you will understand a great deal more about how you navigate your life, because that filtered view tells you what “the world” is like…and you respond accordingly.

Deeper Than Your Life Experience

This lens, this filter, was actually with you when you got here – in other words, it sits BENEATH your actual life experience.

In this work, you will see how the lens actually has shaped that life experience – not in what happened to you, but how it landed IN YOU.

This is a big part of why people can have very similar experiences – even down to siblings who have the exact same moments of life within their family – and yet they take such different meaning from those experiences.

What happens to us in life absolutely does shape us in extremely significant ways – but it’s only shaping, not creating you.

Your archetypal nature was in you – including all its expectations of “what life is” – before you took your first breath.

Everything that came after landed ON that archetypal nature, and that set of filters – especially the Ascendant – told you what to do with it, and whether it reinforced the expectations you already had about life.

You’ve been seeing every single moment of your life through this lens, and you didn’t know it, because fish don’t know about water.

And when you respond to the world by expecting it to be a certain way, the world will respond accordingly – or you will only see the responses that match your expectations.

This is, to put it mildly, a useful thing to know more about!

A Quick Look and a Deeper Journey

There are two ways to learn more about this “window on the world” – a single call and a 6-call journey where we get to do deeper exploration that is more personal to you.

The single call will introduce the idea and give you ways to look at a simple element of this lens for yourself, and understand that simple element in the people around you as well.

The six-call course will allow 12 people to spend 12 weeks learning about their own filter, including their personal complexities and how it sits within their whole archetypal nature.

This course will NOT take the form of the “focus session” as I have in the past – each person will end up getting personal attention and discussion throughout our time together, including focus on their particular Ascendant and any additional nuances and complexities related to it, but we’ll do that in a more fluid, group-engaged way.

With either option, you’ll come away with some big “…ohhhhh” insights about you, and possibly about other people in your world, that will help you navigate your own life and relationships better.

Join Either Or Both

Single Call

May 7, 12pm Pacific

One two-hour call that outlines the core of the Ascendant, and goes through all 12 zodiac signs with a description of how that Ascendant “sees the world as it is.”

Suggestions for how to handle that lens/filter more skillfully, and where it will tend to trip over other lenses and orientations to life.

Recording provided to everyone who signs up.


6-Call Course

6 Thursdays, Jun 13-Aug 22, 12pm Pacific

12 seats, $450, payment plans available

PLEASE NOTE: You need an accurate birth time from a reliable source to participate.I know some people don't have access to that and I'm sorry, but there's no way to calculate this without it!

This course will be a deeper, small-group journey into the Ascendant.

There will be 6 live 2-hour calls, every other week for 12 weeks, to delve into this facet of yourself and have the group reflect, generate insights, and go deeper together.

We will have a private community on Circle for offline sharing, discussion, and reflection.

If you have questions about this course, please reach out to and I’ll be happy to talk with you about it!