The Paradox School

A year together, soaking ourselves in human nature.

The Paradox School is a 12-month training program for anyone desiring deeper fluency in how human people actually work.


You can learn for your own insight, or you can learn how to do this work professionally (as well as adding this framing to your existing work.)


The work is a combination of archetypal astrology and “deep engagement skills” – like coaching or counseling, but tuned specifically to the archetypal framework we use.


Participation options range from $50/mo to $350/mo, from listening-only to full immersion at 3-4 calls per month.


You don’t have to know anything about any of it to join us!
Truly. It’s all translated into human terms – how else can we really understand being human?

Archetypal Astrology

This is the language of the human psyche – our distinct, unique nature.

We need this vocabulary to understand the elements of that nature – never combined exactly the same way for any two people, and yet the same set of elements to work with.

Like colors of paint, but a different painting for each of us.

This language – words, sentences, structure – is an essential part of this work.

Like any language, there’s vocabulary to learn – but it’s not as complicated as it seems, and the poetry of it comes through very quickly.

Deep Engagement

All the knowledge of human nature in the world is worth nothing if we don’t know how to sit with another living human person with skill.

Trust. Respect. Curiosity. Patience. Compassion.

Astrology alone doesn’t give us these qualities — we have to find and develop them separately.

We have to build our craft of deep listening and deep seeing, and to always sit within the limits of what we can know about the other person.

Our greatest allies in this work are our awe, wonder, and fascination with the complexity and depth of the human psyche.


If you can’t handle paradox, you can’t do this work.

It’s all true. Every messy, confusing, seemingly-contradictory element of human nature.

We can’t cancel any of it out – and we don’t need to. All of it, together. All/And.

We’re not here to tell people what to do. We trust them – so we help them find their OWN way.

We’re here to be in the paradox with them.

Some Short Explanatory Videos