The Great Shake-Up

A 3-Call Workshop – Jun 12, Jun 26, Jul 10 – 11am Pacific

Auditorium Seats – $60/$80/$100

Practicum Seats – $120

The Mid-40s - A Major Remodel

Our mid-40s are known as a volatile time in life.

Turns out there’s something underneath the insults of perimenopause, hair loss, teenagers, aging parents, crumbling careers and/or partnerships, and the other fun things that tend to happen in our 40s.

There are 2 incredibly powerful cycles of change that rise up in all of us from around 42 through around 45.

These cycles are MADE to shake things up, and they absolutely do.

There’s really no way to know how it’s going to look, and it will of course be different in each life, but there’s an underlying theme to all of the different forms it can take.

You need more freedom…and you need to course-correct where you’re headed and who you’re becoming.

Even Good Change is Stressful

Whoever you think you are at 40 – whatever you think your life is about – it needs a BIG shake-up.

You might not consciously want that, or believe you need it. But your Self knows that it’s time.

And that is pretty much always exactly what happens.

Whether it’s mostly internal or both internal and external, this is a time of huge revision and expansion of who we are, what we want, and where we’re going.

Needless to say, however generative this period can be, it’s STRESSFUL.

Ultimately we can be glad for the shaking and cracking open…

…but our bodies tend to hold on to all the fear and uncertainty and anger and sadness, until and unless we can move it through successfully.

This time in life will bring up a whole lot of ALL of these feeling experiences.

We need to be able to “scaffold” ourselves – to find or create the supports that hold us while we move through all the shaking and opening.

Let Us Give You A Rough Outline And More Tools

This 3-call workshop is designed to do two things:

1) Introduce you to these cycles so you can understand better cognitively what they are asking for, and…

2) Offer you some simple, practical knowledge and techniques from Somatic Experiencing® which can help you move through processing your experience, whether you’re in it now or it’s in the past for you (or you can work with them now and they’ll be handy when you get there!)

As I’ve done in the past, this experience has 2 kinds of seats – Auditorium and Practicum.

The Auditorium seats include all calls as “listen only,” and the price options are $60, $80, and $100 depending on what cost is manageable for you.

The Practicum seats will come into play in the second and third calls – there are 4 seats per call, and each Practicum seat will get a 15-minute “focus session” of Somatic Experiencing with Betsy while the rest of the group listens.

This will help you experience anything that needs to be moved through around this mid-40s time, to whatever degree is manageable and appropriate.

The second and third calls will also include further teaching on Somatic Experiencing and how you can incorporate these techniques into your life to continue this processing.

We want you to come out the other end of this feeling clearer and more able to navigate the challenges of The Great Shake-Up.

You will be able to hear others’ experiences and know that you are not alone, that there is nothing wrong with you or your life (even if it shows you that it needs a lot of change), and that you have new ways to move with whatever ups and downs it brings you!

Me 2020 640 x 1024


My business cards say “Ocean Floor Meets Night Sky” and that really sums it up.

What I do is see into people’s bones, and reflect back to them their own paradox. The magnificent complexity of their own true nature. The strengths and gifts that are hiding, the facets that are out of synch, the deeper dimensions of the parts you do know.

Then we weave it all back together…as MORE.

How I do that combines 30 years’ study and practice of archetypal astrology, coach and Master Coach training with Martha Beck, but most of all an innate ability to “see underneath.”

In 10 years of active practice, I’ve never found anywhere I couldn’t or wouldn’t go with a client, and my skill at walking with people through the hardest places is something I (and they) cherish.

I show up to the aliveness of the moment with all of me, and together we perceive what’s asking to emerge. We meet it where it is, and see where it takes us, and that’s everything.

For those who don’t know me, I’m a whole party-and-sometimes-a-hailstorm in a paper bag.

I don’t have any settings below 5 on pretty much anything, and most of my dials start at 11.

I grew up with people fearing, condemning, and being contemptuous of my passionate intensity, my endless fascination with the depths of human nature, my quirky weirdness, my social awkwardness, my emo underworldliness.

Finally I discovered that there were actually people who loved the shit out of me FOR all those qualities – not in spite of them – and that they could help me do extraordinary work with extraordinary people.

My government name is Karen Hawkwood but I’m really KJ Sassypants through and through.

Come on in and let’s do this.



I call my business Renaturing with Betsy Kudlinski, and call myself a Freedom Guide.

A forest can take back its own through fungal networks, roots, and vast green solar arrays.  Which feels, to me, like channeling hopeful repossession.

Renaturing is tenderness, in body and expression, for ourselves and for the world; vulnerability, and the ability to embrace it.

As a literal part of the universe, the vast experience and the powerful depth of it all are accessible to me, you, and us.  Speaking of us, we are already connected, part of the same whole, a spiritual partnership.

With a still core, which holds that everything is OK, the past, the present, and the future, and because of that, the whirlwind can be embraced.

There’s a brilliance to who I am, what we do together, and what renaturing is which doesn’t depend on reflection or witness, it just is.  And together, with our embodied experiences, comes an affective evocation with unlimited potential.

These are the things I hold, both in my hands as aspiration, and as understanding of what already is.

The visible way I bring renaturing to the world is through Somatic Experiencing®️.  I’m in my second year (of three) in this trauma resolution modality.

I could say more big words about the nervous system and tools to regulate, decrease stress, and renegotiate trauma trapped in your body.  I will.  I say lots of things about these topics, and so much more!

And I do it with no judgment or pressure, through playful and thoughtful questioning, respect, and acceptance of who you are; as you are now, as you were, and as you will be.

I am Renaturing with Betsy Kudlinski.

And I mean that.  I am all of it.

Join Us In The Way That Works Best For You

3 Calls - Jun 12, Jun 26, Jul 10
All Calls 11am-1pm Pacific
All Calls Recorded

Auditorium - $60/$80/$100

The Auditorium seats have 3 options for price.

If you can pay the full price of $80 by (at most) adjusting discretionary spending in the next month to make room for this, great, do that.

If that is all your discretionary spending, we hope the $60 level feels more sustainable for you.

If $60 is simply not possible for you and you still want to be part of this, please reach out to and let me know – you don’t have to explain or justify, prove or defend your need. We’ll work it out.

If you can comfortably pay $100 (or more), you will help us support more folks who want to be part of this and have financial constraints.

Practicum - $120

The Practicum seats are $120 and there are 2 options – 4 seats available on the Jun 26 call and 4 seats available on the Jul 10 call.

Just choose which day works better for you to have your live, 15-minute Somatic Experiencing session with Betsy and sign up for that day.

You still get all 3 calls – it’s just a question of which day your Practicum experience will be.