Becoming A Practitioner Of Archetypal Insight

This is the most effective way of working deeply with people I have ever found.

I want more people to have this framework, this deep seeing and deep skillfulness.

I want more people working with people in this way – with this nuance and effectiveness.

Come spend a year in deep immersion. You’ll emerge as something so much MORE.

The Paradox School is full for this year – please stay tuned to join us next year!

Two Sets of Eyes

Being a skillful archetypal practitioner requires a dynamic blend of two stances.

You’ll learn both, in equal focus, during our year together.

Astrological Framework

You need to know the archetypal structure of human nature.

How to read it from the astrological language of the chart, in broad strokes, with confidence.

How to translate it into HUMAN language – how to tell people their own story.

How to see the path that story makes for their unfoldment, and offer that to them.

Deep Engagement

You need to know how to drop deeply into a human psyche. A living person’s heart, soul, mind, fears, hopes.

Respectfully. Effectively. Safely.

Offer them what they can’t see – ways to shift, integrate, transform themselves AS themselves.

And then close the container well, whether it’s a single session or one in a series of dozens.

We will weave these threads, one in each hand, into a whole fabric to hold your work and your people.

Everything You Need To Be In Practice (Or Add To Your Practice)

A Bespoke Training

Your own chart has a great deal to say about how YOU are made to offer yourself to the world.

That information, that insight, will be folded in to your training – we’ll shape how you learn to apply the techniques and training through that lens.

Each of you will find your own strengths, your own preferences, your own gifts and fascinations within the work we’ll be learning. I’ll encourage and support you in delving into those, so in essence you’ll each be getting your own version of the training.

This will set you up to be the most powerful, effective, fully-alive practitioner you can be – you do your best work when you are working WITH your own nature.

As far as I know, this isn’t something any other practitioner training can offer you!

Effective Business Building

The methodologies of practice are not enough by themselves for you to be successful.

This is also entrepreneurship – there’s the business aspect of the work, and this is where so many practitioners go to pieces.

Business-building is folded through our year together, to support you in this aspect of your practice.

We’ll learn – and you’ll all practice applying – the solid, straightforward business practices that I’ve used to build my own business.

This includes the inner and outer dimensions of business – you can’t make it work well without addressing both!

Anyone who knows me knows how I show up – what I do and don’t do – and I’ll teach it to you too.

Community Support

One of the most common things I’ve heard from people in practitioner trainings is this: “Once they have your money, they don’t care anymore. There’s no support for where it’s hard or people stumble, either during or after the training.”

That won’t be the case here – we’re building genuine community as part of our work together.

That doesn’t mean everyone will be friends – but we don’t have to be friends to support one another.

The small size and intimate nature of the training means that no one will get lost, ignored, or overlooked.

No one will have to struggle in silence or feel unwelcome when they’re fumbling.

And this community will continue ongoing.

Mentorship Track

Anyone already in practice, whether brand-new or well-established, can join the Mentorship Track – it’s specifically for those who have the “deep engagement“ skills already and want to fold in the archetypal work to their existing practice.

Mentorship includes the Astro Track material (recorded teaching plus one practice call per month) and a “Practice Support“ call on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

We will have a call at 11am Pacific, and if there are enough students, I’ll add a call at 5:30pm Pacific.

We will alternate monthly between “office hours“ with me, and an additional training call on an active-practice-related topic.

The calls can be additional skill-building, business building, a live-workshop practice session with charts, or whatever the group needs.

Mentorship is $175/mo ($2,100 total)

The Structure of the Year

Course Starts March 2, 2023 And Runs Through March 28, 2024

All Practitioner Calls on THursdays
Practitioner Track is $350/mo ($4,200 total)

The Practitioner Track is the most intense commitment of the program because you’ll be learning BOTH the Astro Track material and the Deep Engagement material together each month.


Pre-Recorded Astro Teaching video will be released on the 1st of the month – watch anytime in the first two weeks

Deep Engagement Teaching will be live on the first Thursday of the month

Deep Engagement Practice will be live on the second Thursday of the month

Astro Practice will be live on the third and fourth Thursdays of the month (only one req’d)

All calls are recorded; all teaching calls are transcribed


Our community space will be a Facebook group – I know this is not ideal in many ways but there isn’t a better option, sadly.

I will be teaching, commenting, and engaging very actively in the groups on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

You’re not absolutely required to be in the Facebook groups – but it’s going to be a very, very important part of our learning together.

The groups will be monitored by my right-hand person on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so any issues will be promptly attended to.

Work Structure

There are no texts to read, and not much “homework“ – most of our work will be practicing during our times together.

However, you will need to spend 2-3 hours per week thinking about, observing, and if you wish, practicing the material on your own each week.

This time will include both the astrological material and the deep engagement practices – they both need to be put into living practice to take root in you!

Important Things To Know Before You Sign Up

This is not a course to buy and forget about.

I understand; I’ve done it too. But I am training people who will be USING the art here, and I’m only interested in people who want to ENGAGE.

The full price of the course is due whether you complete the training or not.

I’m offering monthly payments to make it easier for people – but you need to think of it as if you paid up front.

I cannot bring someone into your seat mid-year – the training is too sequential for that. If you claim a place, it’s yours and you have made the commitment to complete the payments, whether you complete the course or not. (Please see the top point!)

I expect you to bring your best self to this year together, and I will bring mine.

I will encourage you as hard as I will push you – anyone who knows me knows that encouragement is one of my best skills and one of my favorite experiences.

Of course you’re human – so am I – and this isn’t about perfection. It’s about knowing what you’re really, actually capable of, and being willing to reach for that. I can see it in you, and I will encourage you towards it all the way.

I’ll be giving you everything I have in this experience, and I need you to bring your deepest, fullest, most committed heart and soul to it in turn.

If You Have Questions, Let's Talk

You can email me at with any questions you have, and if it’s better for you, we can hop on a quick call.

I’m not interested in selling you on this – we both need to make sure our questions are answered so we know this will work mutually.