You and Me

Let's look each other right in the eye.

Let’s find your bones. Let’s find the gaps and reweave them.
Let’s see who you can be when you’re ALL of you.

I illuminate your complexity using archetypal astrology, myth, storytelling, coaching, and deep knowing.
Together, they show me where you’re not (yet) ALL OF YOU. Then we invite in what’s been exiled.
You’ll be less reactive. More aware of what you need, when and WHY you need it, and more able to articulate those needs to others.
You’ll spend a LOT less time shaming yourself and struggling against your own nature.
This isn’t a one-and-done experience. (Would you want it to be?)
Two conversations at least, and from there, we go as far as you want to go.



My Rates Will Be Going Up On Aug 17 2021

Please note the updated price in each section so you can plan accordingly!



Please make sure that’s OK with you before booking a package or checking in with me about work together.




 Glimpse In The Mirror

An introduction to your complexity.

Two conversations. 75 mins each, and time between to let it absorb. $425. ($550 after Aug 17 2021)

An outline of your archetypal matrix, both what you were born with and where that pattern has evolved to now.

Finding where your gaps are, where parts of you aren’t talking to other parts.

Putting it all together into pragmatic direction – clear suggestions for how to reweave yourself right there in the life you have, and how that will allow that life to start reflecting more of ALL OF YOU.

Jump in here if you’re ready!

Please know a few things before you book:

This is NOT a “chart reading”. While I use astrological symbology for this work, I also use other systems, myth and fairy tales, depth psychology, and my own perceptive skills to discern your archetypal landscape. My coaching skills add insight, flow, and pragmatic direction. There are things about your chart I won’t cover, or only briefly.

You need to come in willing to go wherever the work takes us. Even in two calls it gets deep and sometimes very intense. Odds are good I’m going to introduce you to at least one part of yourself you’ve been avoiding, which is anywhere from startling to seriously uncomfortable until we have time to integrate what we find. This is what helps you create actual, lasting change, so you have to be down for it.




Journeys Through The Underworld

If you know you’ve got more to discover than two conversations will allow, let’s talk about it.

A Journey is ideal if you’re going through a major life transition – whether it’s the kind the world understands or not.

It’s also ideal if you’ve realized, at whatever point in life, that you are not who you thought you wereDiscovering and bringing into being your new, accurate identity is not a couple-of-conversations process.

We start out with a free conversation, so we can see if we’re the right people and this is the right undertaking.

Then we decide on a 3-session Journey ( about 5 hrs total, $600 / $750 after Aug 17 2021),

a 6-session Journey (about 10 hrs total, $1,125 / $1380 after Aug 17 2021),

or 12 sessions (about 20 hrs total, $2,100 / $2640 after Aug 17 2021),

based on how deep you want to go.

The calls are booked at 90 minutes but it’s not uncommon to go 2 hours. They’re deep and intense and they shine light into places you didn’t know you had.





Steady Jam

If you’ve shown me your bones already, let’s talk on the regular.

One hour-or-so for $150 or 90-ish mins for $225.

Once a month, billed automatically.

I come in set to max. You leave sharp, clear, focused, knowing what to do.

Get in touch and we’ll set it up!



The greatest mystery of this work for me is that nothing changes.
(You’re still made of the same bones you were born into.)
And yet EVERYTHING changes – because you come into an entirely different relationship with your own complexity.
You begin to live from paradox – that you are this AND this AND this (and more), all of the things that seemed impossible together.
You don’t need to be someone different. You need to be ALL. OF. YOU. Together.