I’m generally booked out about 2-3 months.
Please keep that in mind as you come into my world.

An X-Ray And A Map

One conversation. A rough outline, the boldest strokes of your archetypal bones – the solid core of You.

Who’s in the mix, within you, and how they feel about each other. What they want. Why they pull in different directions, and you feel like a wishbone (or several.)

Some ideas about where to go with that information so that life is less wishbone-y.

You’ll have to choose whether to dig into the additional material.You’ll get deeper richness if you do.

But our conversation will give you a handful of keys that actually turn locks and open doors in your life.



You book the call, which is likely going to be 6-12 weeks out. (These are always available to book!)

I take a look at your chart in the first few weeks after booking, and I send you an email summary of your “archetypal lineup” – who’s taking up the most space in your territory, who’s in the second row back.

In that email I point you to a library of free recordings I’ve made about each of these archetypal figures.

It’s up to you if you want to listen to them or not – but if you do, you can come to our call with a lot more insight and finely-tuned questions.

Then we talk – diving into YOUR specific details, the ways your archetypal energies ally with and antagonize each other.

And I give you some very solid direction for how to shift those inner relationships into a more workable and less adversarial place in YOUR specific, pragmatic, actual life.

You take those directions away and (hopefully) apply them and flourish into your own complexity!


$300, 2 hours, an X-ray and a map.



I do what I do – I show you the shape of your archetypal bones, and doing that takes ALL that I bring to my work.

Astrology is part of that – but it’s fully melted into the sauce. I don’t talk much about planets and signs because ultimately, that’s not the part that’s useful for you.

It’s also an OVERVIEW. It’s not comprehensive – it can’t be. I’m calling forward what’s clearly critical in summary, and you get to fill in the details with further research.

This conversation is pragmatic to its core; I focus on what will be clearly actionable for you living better with your own complexity.

It’s not suited for folks who are “just curious” (because I’m about pragmatic results, not things that are just “interesting”) or are looking for a typical “chart reading” experience.


I do one of these calls per week, so I’m booked out a few months – it leaves space for my long-journey people to keep their steady beat in my world.

Since I’m likely to remain booked at that distance, if this is your speed, grab the first one you can and we’ll get there!

Further Down And Further In

More conversations mean more space for what’s arising in you.

More time to put flesh on those bones; to find the tiny mushrooms hidden under dead logs in your memory rooms, the way the crows call from your lone evergreen, to see if there are snowdrops or grass widows in your woods.

More time to be in it with you – not just to give you a map, but to walk beside you as you move through the territory of your life.

Sometimes the stars and planets will light our path – other times the path itself will whisper the way. We show up each time and see what’s there.

Our calls are 90-ish minutes, and sometimes more -ish than others. 2-4 weeks is a good digestion time so we usually set them up about that distance.

We can walk together as long as you choose.

You can have goals, or just know you’re entering strange lands and don’t want to do it alone.



You can be coming apart, or coming together,
or going somewhere you’ve never been,
or finding your way back into your own undiscovered heart.


All journeys are welcome here.


We can do increments from 3 to 12 calls – it’s a matter of what sits best with you.

3 is $750 and 12 is $2,700 and anything in-between is pro-rated accordingly.


Just as with any long journey, we need to talk before we set out together so we can be sure it’s right for both of us.

No selling, no persuading. If you don’t genuinely want to be on this journey with me, we’re not going.

But once we’re on a call together, I promise, we’ll both know whether to load our packs and light the lamps or not.

Steady Jam

If you’ve shown me your bones already, let’s talk on the regular.

One hour-or-so for $165 or 90-ish mins for $235.

Once a month, billed automatically.

I come in set to max. You leave clearer than you came in.

Get in touch and we’ll set it up!