In community, we discover a landscape that remains invisible to our separate eyes.

Finding The Bones

Understanding ourselves and other people makes being human more bearable.
I want to help you do that.
The language we'll be learning is astrology - but remember that astrology is a language.
What you say in the language is what matters.

The astrological language doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.

I want to give you just the bones.

The core elements of this language – the essential nouns, verbs, and adjectives. The very basic grammar and sentence structure.

And I want to teach it to you from the beginning to apply to the complexities and difficulties of human nature.

Because in this language, you can read – and say – things that no other language makes possible.

Half our time will be giving you information – the other half will be DOING WHAT WE LEARNED.

You could “learn astrology” for $20 from a book, or $100 from an online class. But all that teaches you is the language.

I’m going to teach you what it says about human beings, and especially what it says about paradox.

Paradox is what you will NOT learn from the book or the $100 class. It’s what most astrologers (and most humans) can’t cope with.


That’s the real gold here.

The Structure, And Questions Answered

Here’s the plan for our teaching calls, which will be every other week (practice calls in between):


  June 29 – Complexity, Paradox, and The Weirdness of Human Nature

~ We’ll be talking about the human side of things first, because that’s the real point of all this. We’ll cover things like projection, “complexes”, and integration

~ I’ll illustrate with the charts of some famous people

~ We will have time for Q&A


  July 13 – The Zodiac and the Sun and Moon

~ Elements, modes, qualities, symbols, myths, mysteries

~ The Sun and Moon as central principles of our nature, and their eternal tension with one another


  Jul 27 – Planetary Complexities, and Mercury, Venus, and Mars

~ Continuing to develop our sense of the paradoxes and complexities of planetary deities

~ These 3 faces of Self and how deeply personal and important they are to integrate


  Aug 10 – Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

~ A lot to cover in these six bodies – we will do our best!

~ Bridging from the personal to the social to the transpersonal elements of human nature


  Aug 24 – Aspects, Houses, the Ascendant

~ Bringing in the “where” so the action has a setting

~ Understanding aspects as “conversation” and the different qualities thereof


  Sep 7 – the Moon’s Nodes, Lunar Phase, and Pulling It All Together

~ Remaining important dimensions – lunar nodes and lunar phase

~ Looping back to the weave – how do all the “bits” start to form a complex whole?


  Sep 21 – Synthesis, Integration, and Archetypes

~ Learning to understand how the various “bits” coalesce into archetypal figures

~ Anchoring our understanding of paradox

~ Circling back over anything needed from previous weeks

The Questions I Know Are On Your Lips

Q: Is this Western or Vedic astrology?

A: This is Western horoscopic astrology, using the tropical zodiac.


Q: Why aren’t you including [x astrological technique or element]?

A: Because you don’t learn esoteric and elaborate “words” when first learning a language. Also, because they’re not necessary for getting to these core elements of human nature, and can end up being a distraction.


Q: What house system do you use, and which one is the right one?

A: If I had a dollar for every time this comes up I’d be retired now. There is no one right house system. For quadrant house work I mostly use Koch, but often check Placidus as well, and I occasionally use Whole Sign for classical stuff.


Q: After I take this class can I call myself an astrologer and start doing people’s charts?

A: Not unless you have a LOT of other study under your belt, and even then, I’m going to suggest you be cautious about that. The astrological information is the EASIEST part of working with people, and to do so safely and effectively takes a great deal more than just knowing this art. We’re going to touch on the interpersonal stuff, but you need more than just astrological knowledge and skill to work effectively with other humans, even in a basic capacity.


Q: Can I start teaching people astrology after I take this course?

A: If you do that WE WILL HAVE WORDS. I am teaching you to PRACTICE it, as a very beginning student. Talking about what you learn, sharing your excitement with others – fantastic! We all need to do that. But this doesn’t even BEGIN to touch what you need to teach. Please don’t make that mistake.


Q: I’ve always gotten totally overwhelmed by astrology. Why would this be any different?

A: It might not be! But I can tell you – and any of my students can validate this – that I have a gift for bringing this framework into regular human language, and anchoring it all into human nature (instead of just learning the system in some kind of vacuum) gives you the reference points that can really help hold all the information without losing your sanity.

I Know I'm In - Let's Do This!

Key Details:




14 Tuesdays, starting Jun 29

Teaching calls start Jun 29 and go every other week, at 12pm PST

Practice calls start Jul 6 and go every other week, at 12pm and 5pm PST




There is only 1 teaching call, since everyone is getting the same info. THE TEACHING CALLS WILL BE VIDEO-RECORDED – you do not need to be live for the teaching calls unless you want to be!

They will be up on Vimeo by the end of the day each Tuesday, and you’ll have a week to watch/listen before our practice calls. Ideally you will want to watch – I will be using the screen-share option and doing quite a bit of visual instruction – but you’ll have an audio file to download as well. All teaching calls will also have transcripts – that might take another couple of days but we’ll get them done just as soon as we can.

The practice calls are where we will apply what I taught the previous week. All students will be welcome on both practice calls, though I’d like to prioritize people in each call who can’t make the other time regularly due to time zones, work/parenting/other schedules, etc. The practice calls are for PRACTICE and the point is to engage – that’s the only way you will actually learn. So while I’ll never force anyone to speak if they really don’t want to, I’m going to clearly invite people to give the material a try, and look for conversation and questions.

This is what makes this different than a typical “information delivery” course that you could get for a LOT less money and time, so I want you to use the time you have with me! The practice calls will also be recorded and transcribed, but you’ll only have the live practice/Q&A time during the course, and it’s much more effective for you to use that access while it’s available rather than just listening to recordings later. (We also all know how likely it is that we’ll listen to something later, right?)




You have the option of taking the course itself for $700, or the course plus a 2-hr 1:1 call with me during the course for $800.

You can use the call any way you want – we can talk over what you’ve learned and where you want help, we can talk about your chart or the chart of someone close to you, or whatever you need. The only thing this will NOT be is a “chart reading” – I don’t do those anyway, the way most people expect, and when I do it’s a minimum 2-session experience. This is specifically designed for students who are engaging with the course to get personal help and support.

There is also a 3-pay option for each – course-only or course-plus-session – as I know it often helps to stretch out the impact. They’re broken up as closely as reasonable to 3 equal payments, spaced one month apart, so if you start the subscription on Jun 1 for the course-plus-session, it will bill you $280 on Jun 1, and then $260 on Jul 1 and Aug 1 to finish the $800. There is no difference in cost between pay-at-once and 3-pay.

If that’s enough for you to know which way to go, here are the 4 magic doors – choose your own adventure and let’s dive in!