All Of Us Together

In community, we discover a landscape that remains invisible to our separate eyes.


How Do You Feel About Wildness?

“A story is a spirit being, not repertoire, allegory, or a type of psychology.” – Martin Shaw


My next work involves an invitation into mythic time, mythic ground, and mythic wildness.

This is in the nature of an experiment. I’ve never done anything like it before.

I’m qualified to make the journey, and qualified to invite you on it with me, AND…


I can’t tell you how this is going to help you, or even if it is.

There’s no “features and benefits” list.

There’s no “intended outcome” for any of us.


We’re going to come together.

I’m going to invite the story, and the spirit of the story, and the Others that stand behind the story, to enter the room.

We’re going to see what happens and follow the thread from there.


It could be nothing, though I think that’s unlikely.

It could be frustrating. Confusing. Itchy.

It could turn you inside out so many times you lose count, and turn up a vein of gold in your soul you had no idea was there.

You’ll have to be willing to surrender to the process and not know what’s going to happen, which is not exactly the usual thing these days.

There’s more in the video below, so please watch it – if you’re still in at the end, you’re in. If not, you’ll know that too.

We’ll be inviting the stories on the solstices, equinoxes, and midpoints between them.

About two weeks later we’ll gather again to see how the story is “elegantly breaking us.”


We’ll have a Facebook group for ongoing connection about our experiences, in which I’ll be aware of everything that happens and be extremely attentive.

It’s $40/month ongoing.

I don’t ask for a blood oath of permanent loyalty, because this isn’t for everyone.

But this isn’t a “dip in and dip out” journey. If it turns out not to be for you, awesome – but if you step out you won’t be able to step back in.

I’m encouraging people to give it 3 months before they make that decision. Let the myths work you, trust the process, and see what happens. In that time, you’ll know.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OF ANY KIND – let’s talk. You can contact me, grab me on Facebook, send a carrier bat, whatever works!

If you know you’re in, grab it here.


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