In community, we discover a landscape that remains
invisible to our separate eyes.

The Death of the Known

The blow from the place we least expect it.
The unmaking of all that we knew…of all that we are.


…then what?
There is only what is ahead.
The unimaginable can only lead to the unknown, the unimagined.
There is only what comes after the unmaking.

A Mythic Encounter With The Handless Maiden



The ones with no final answer, that creep under our skins and itch at us.


Mythologist and inspiration Martin Shaw feels that the Handless Maiden has things to say to us about growing our hands back now.


Me...I think it's too soon for that.

We're not there yet.

I feel the truth of it in my bones.

What I’m more interested in is what the Handless Maiden has to tell us about repeated betrayal.


About having ground under our feet…and then not. Again and again.


That’s the conversation I’m going to be having with her, with them, with the spirit of this story.


I’d love to have you alongside.

Understand That You Are Here To Be Beheld

Myths are not words. They are not entertainment.
They are absolutely not allegory or self-help.
Myths are CONVERSATIONS between the human world
and That Which Is Beyond.
Between us and the Others.
So myths, when properly invoked, are portals.
They open the door to Somewhere Else…Somewhere More.
And just as we get to see and feel and experience what’s beyond that door…
What’s beyond that door is looking back at US.
We are coming into this mythic encounter not just
to hear, to feel, to experience.
We are coming to be BEHELD by that living spirit of the story itself.
Of all those in it. Of all those that stand behind it, peeking around
the edges, chuckling or snarling in the undergrowth.
This is not metaphor.
This is evocation of mystery.
Be prepared to be BEHELD.
Four calls over four weeks.
This is an encounter, and those don’t happen from a recording.
The first part of the story will be told in the first call, and then the recording will be stopped.
The rest of the call, and the second call, will be entirely about being present with what’s come into the room.
The rest of the story will be told in the third call, and then presence for the rest of that call and the final call.
Four gatherings with the Handless Maiden will change you. Deepen you. Disturb you.
If all goes as I hope, this story-spirit will teach you about being betrayed and finding your way forward anyway.
We need that more than we’ve ever done.
Let’s gather, shall we?

Encounter The Handless Maiden

September Gathering

Sep 2, 9, 16, 23
12pm PDT

October Gathering

Oct 6, 13, 20, 27
5:30pm PDT