Love In The Underworld

What happens when Love meets Death?

The Death of Innocence. Certainty. Youth. Trust.


What happens? Do you know? Do you want to know?

Are you discovering these questions whether you want to or not?

Does Love die? Do WE die?

Who do we become? Does Love take a new form or just disappear?

How do we know who we are once Love has encountered Death?

Are we even willing to ask these questions, if we know we’re going to hear the answers?

What if we don’t have a choice?


Our dream of Love is: Kind. Steadfast. Joyful. Trustworthy. Supportive.

What happens when Love isn’t safe?
When Love takes us into the Underworld – or we take Love there?

This is hardly a new question – it might in fact be the oldest one of all, really.

We’re hardly the first ones to struggle with what it means to betray, to shatter, to question, to fear.

To be betrayed. To be shattered. To be feared.

To sink our teeth in, even as we try not to, and taste the blood and the juice.

To feel our certainty fracturing – and have NO IDEA what will be revealed.

To discover we have NO idea who we really are – or who our beloved really is.


If this is territory you know – or need to know – grab a torch there on the cave wall.
We’re going in.


Five Fridays, 1-2:30pm Pacific Time

Oct 5, 12, 19, 26 and Nov 2, via Zoom (you can phone in if you prefer)

$88 (Because the Queen of Love and Beauty moves in eights)

Facebook group (optional; all key info will be emailed)

In honor of the planet Venus going retrograde on Oct 5, in the sign of Scorpio which is the territory of blood and juice, we’re going to down and in to investigate what happens when Love meets Death.

On Oct 12 I’m SO pleased to welcome my friend and colleague Dr. Jenn Zahrt, sharing her wisdom on Venus, Inanna, Persephone, and how we can understand love meeting death at a deeper level. She will share history, mythology, astronomy, and astrology, inviting us deeper into the mystery.



Our guides will be two faces of the Queen Who Dies And Is Reborn – Inanna and Persephone.

We will explore the myths of both divine figures as they descend into the Underworld.

We will examine who they are when they begin the descent, and who they are when they emerge.

We will consider how their identities are fundamentally shattered and transformed.

We will look at how their understanding of Love is transformed.

And we will spend time with the price they both pay for that transformation.

We will enter into all of this in terms of what it looks like, what it means, for YOU. In your real life.



My work gets VERY VERY REAL very fast. Since this group is starting out in raw and intense territory it’s probably going to end up one of the most alchemical group experiences I’ve done yet.

Please understand what “alchemical” means – it’s not just a sexy word. THIS EXPERIENCE WILL CHANGE YOU PROFOUNDLY. You will not come up into the daylight world the same person who went into the cave.

This means if you have relational or sexual trauma with which you know you’re not stable (yet) please consider this very carefully. PLEASE insure that you have adequate therapeutic AND personal support and that you know how to take care of yourself when you get activated. I take my responsibilities very seriously and will support my people according to the container we’re in, but I CANNOT be a primary 1:1 source of support if stuff gets stirred up for you.

We’re going into deep and intense territory. To make that possible you MUST hold this container WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTIONS. You cannot share anything you read or hear with anyone else. I’m sure you understand that this safety is also what allows YOU to get raw and real too.


If you know you’re in…pick the flower.

You have this advantage over Persephone – you at least know (sort of) what you’re getting into. 🙂