What Chapter Are You In?

If we understand the birth chart as "the story of you" - the underlying plot, the main characters, and their relationships - then the next obvious question is:

What chapter of the story is this?

What's the action right now?

Who's engaged in that action - and who's sitting this one out?

Is a new crisis arising, or is this a resolution-and-integration chapter?

We're Going To Find Out!

We will spend six weeks together learning a basic-but-solid approach to astrological cycles.

The majority of this time will be PRACTICE – the theories and techniques will be a single, pre-recorded lesson, because they are the easy part. If you have the basic vocabulary of astrology, the techniques are very straightforward and can be learned in any quality book or on a dozen different websites.

The difficulty, always, is knowing how to APPLY the theories and techniques to a real chart – a real person – with all the complexity and apparent contradiction that real charts always contain.

The first week will be all Q&A and discussion, so that we can all start out together…

and then five full weeks, 2 classes per week, of LIVE PRACTICE.



Whole Course Logistics

  We meet on Zoom, and while you can call in, we’ll be looking at charts on the screen so it’s best if you can have the visual (though you don’t need to have your camera on if you prefer not to.)


  The teaching call and all practice calls will be recorded AS VIDEO and available to watch for up to 2 weeks past the end of the course. There will also be audio-only recordings of every call that are yours to keep.


  There will be a full, human-edited transcript of the teaching call.


  All videos will have automatic captioning from Zoom – it won’t be perfect, especially with the technical terms, but I want this to be as accessible as possible. It’s not feasible to provide human-edited transcripts of the group calls, but you are welcome to the AI-generated transcript file if that would be helpful for you!


  We will have a private Facebook group for off-call discussion and connection – I know it’s not ideal but neither is any other platform right now. The group is not mandatory, so if you don’t use FB you are still more than welcome, though usually the group discussions are very juicy!


  I will be in the Facebook group Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday or Sunday and will answer every post and comment to the best of my ability. Some questions will be “out of scope” and I will say that, but I’ll answer everything I can. I also encourage group discussions, questions about example charts (as long as you have the person’s permission to share it, or they are a famous person whose chart is in the public domain) and any other interchanges that facilitate the learning. I welcome other perspectives on astrology and certainly there is no “right way” – but since this is my course I am liable to comment with my perspective and why I work that way, after which I leave it to all of you to find your preferred position.


A Practicum seat is the most intensive way to participate.

There are 2 major advantages to the Practicum option:

You get the majority of my attention and mentoring, and we use YOUR chart for one of our practice sessions.

You end up with a full review of your own cycles for spring 2022.

You get to practice your skills on other students’ charts, with real-time feedback from the person as well as my guidance in following the framework I’ll be teaching.

You get as much of my attention as you choose to ask for.

The cost is greater, and it’s meant for maximum live participation if you want the benefits.

You’re not required to be live on any call except your own chart review…but that’s how you’re going to get the most benefit and build your skills the most effectively.


An Auditorium seat gives you all the instruction and a chance to be on all calls.

You don’t get your chart used for practice, and you don’t get as much of my focused attention during the calls, though I’ll handle all participation in the Facebook group equally and answer everyone’s questions and comments.

The cost is less, and you can adjust your participation to fit your preference, pacing, or capacity.

This might work well for you if you want to learn about cycles but you’re newer to astrology – I’m recommending a solid basic familiarity with the core elements of planets, signs, houses, and aspects, so if you don’t have that it will be much harder to take advantage of the Practicum participation level.

Or you know you won’t be able to attend class live for the most part, but you want to learn from the recordings.

You still get to be a full part of the calls and the Facebook group, and you have access to all recordings and materials.

A Discussion Of The Course

(For those who like to hear me talk - all the same info is also on the page here)

Why I'm Different

I show you how the cycles must be held in the context of the person to be effective.

I will demonstrate how parts of the chart are unconscious or suppressed, and how that affects cycles.

I will teach you secondary progression – a critical technique most people don’t know!

I will explain how to hold transits and progressions together.

I will give you clear, solid instructions for how to do this work without exploding your brain. (Yes, really.)

What You Need

Basic astrological competency – planets, signs, houses, aspects – just a 101-level understanding is fine.

A willingness to stretch your understanding.

The ability to work from a place of nuance, complexity, and paradox.

Kindness, respect, and community-oriented participation.

An appreciation of being lovingly challenged to grow and hone your skill.

What You'll Get

A solid understanding of secondary progression and transit techniques.

A greater ability to work with several layers at once (with an intact brain!)

A deeper awareness of how cycles can only be understood in the context of the person.

An appreciation for the vast and lovely dance we are all in.

New and awesome people to geek out with!

Join The Dance


Mar 24 & 31, Apr 7, 14, 21, 28
12pm PDT


Mar 24 & 31, Apr 7, 14, 21, 28
5:30pm PDT


Mar 24 & 31, Apr 7, 14, 21, 28
Welcome in any call, Day or Evening