Uncomfortable Truth – We Don’t Have Enough For Everyone

(Reposted from Facebook, where this got hot enough for someone to unfriend and block me.) Can we talk about something else no one wants to say? We don’t have enough for everyone. Time. Money. Attention. Energy. Adaptability. Interest. Legos. This is something I learned from 25 years of being in polyamorous relationships, because it is […]

What It’s REALLY Like When You’re Going Under

(Reposted from Facebook, where this got A LOT of conversation going.) Here’s the thing, pea pods – when you’re suicidal, you DO NOT HAVE THE MEANS TO ASK FOR HELP. This is nearly always true. So telling people who already have the water up to their eyes and are on their last breath to just […]

On Carrying (From Healing vs Tending)

Following on (later than planned) from the Healing vs Tending discussion – if we let go of that “end state” idea that comes with “healing”, then what DO we do with the injuries we experience, especially as part of endings? We tend them, obviously. But we also have to CARRY them. This, to me, has […]

Healing vs Tending

(To be clear – this piece isn’t just me subtly shilling for my upcoming group. As I prepare for us to begin I keep learning and discovering things I think would be useful and interesting for all of you, and I want to share those. If you’re interested in Tending The Endings, awesome – you […]

Practicing Them Skills!

Well, nothing like getting to practice what you’re offering. I found out today that my absolute favorite cafe in my town is closing, and it just hit me like a stomach punch. So I am getting the chance to practice tending a new ending. This is the place that really anchored me to my town […]

Bad-ass emotional skill: unlocked!

That moment when you realize you can do nearly any daily household task (brushing teeth, folding laundry, taking supplements, feeding dogs) while full-on sobbing. Because grief calls for honoring. Because it arises on its own timing and not at convenient times in the calendar. Because suppressing it is more of a betrayal. Because there’s a […]