Archetypal Playground

This is where we get to explore these different faces of human nature and see how much of a mirror they hold up.

Sometimes it’s a single call, sometimes a short class. Often they’re free, sometimes they have a small cost.

I do them because they’re fun, and because every time I start talking about this stuff people ask me for more. 🙂

To sign up to find out about these calls, get the call-in deets, and get the recordings after, please get on the list. I ONLY use this list to let people know about calls or recordings.

Current Adventures

Path of Mastery begins again in January

Four Weeks on Wednesdays
Jan 6, 13, 20, 27
$175 Practicum, $50 Auditorium
Day 11am PDT, Evening 5:30pm PDT
All calls via Zoom (recorded)
Facebook group for all participants

This is about a dimension of our nature I call our Path of Mastery – the thing that’s so bloody hard and that we suck every time we reach for and yet…we also can’t stop wanting it.

We compensate like mad around all of that. We try desperately to convince ourselves either we don’t want it, or that we already have it.

None of it works. We still want it, and it’s still so hard.

The only answer is just to commit ourselves to the difficult, failure-strewn, cold, rocky path.

Why? Why on earth would that seem like good advice, or anything other than masochism (not the fun kind?)


It requires humility, and struggle (the right kind), and devotion to the path itself.

It’s just that most of us don’t know that’s what’s happening, and then we fall into the shadow expression of this part of us, and we’re not failing for any good reason, not to learn or move forward or develop or climb that path. We’re just suffering.

Each of us has this Path of Mastery in us. Inevitably it’s one of the hardest areas of our lives.

But trying to run away, hide from it, “opt out,” put in a “placeholder,” etc. simply doesn’t work. We still know something is calling us there and it will not accept anything other than our tears, our blood, our bones.

I want to help people know what that is so they can suffer less –


So that their failure becomes the price of the mastery they are earning.

There are 2 ways to be part of this Adventure – the Auditorium and the Practicum.

A Practicum seat gives you a full “focus session” in one of our 4 live calls, where we talk through YOUR specific Path of Mastery in YOUR chart for around 50 minutes. There are 8 seats in each of the Day and Evening Adventures, and those are $175.

An Auditorium seat, for $50, gives you a spot on all the live calls and full participation in the Facebook group. You’ll be able to ask questions, be in conversation with everyone, and learn from the Practicum sessions. And if you take an Auditorium seat this time and want to do a Practicum seat next time I run this Adventure, I’ll take $25 off.

It’s a lifetime’s work. But it’s worth everything you put into it.