Archetypal Playground

Here, we explore different faces of human nature
and see ourselves in their mirror.

Sometimes it’s a single call, sometimes a short class. Often they’re free, sometimes they have a cost.

I do them because they’re fun, and because every time I start talking about this stuff people ask me for more. 🙂

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Listen...NO ONE wants to face having an unhealable wound.

Even the IDEA that there are wounds that don’t heal is VERY provocative for a lot of us.

Especially when we realize that Chiron’s myth points out that it’s totally unfair – NONE OF THIS WAS HIS FAULT.

This means that Chiron can be a place of very particular helplessness, a sense of pain that we don’t understand, don’t feel we deserve, don’t know what we did to “create” or “attract”.

I think it’s extremely important to realize that this is not a place that rational thought operates very well, if at all.

Chiron is, above all, a place of FEELING, and trust me – these are NOT feelings that are created by our thoughts.

Our stories certainly shape the raw, primal, intense emotions that Chiron brings up. Deconstructing our stories is absolutely a necessary part of the process of learning to live better with Chiron.

But you cannot think your way through, around, or out of Chiron’s pain.

Here's the thing, though - EVERYONE has Chiron somewhere.

When we come face-to-face with this raw, poisoned injury in us, unfair and inescapable…

when we can learn to accept that THIS IS PART OF US, in all its yucky, painful messiness…

Our relationship with that wound begins to change.

To be clear – it never goes away.

And I’m not even talking about “you’ll always have the scar” – it is an OPEN WOUND that remains that way. 

(If this is making you twitch, please know I understand – I don’t love it either.)

But while we don’t seem to be able to choose to get rid of the wound, or even get it down to a scar, we CAN choose how we let that wound become part of us…

or we fight it, reject it, cover it up, work around it, deny it, and all that good shit.

That latter stuff seems to work about as well as it ever does.

Sooner or later, the sky weather will activate your Chiron. Or you’ll fall in love or give birth to or go to work for someone who pokes you in that wound…and there it is. Right in your face.

As difficult as it is, learning to live WITH that wound – how to carry it – seems to be the only way to a different experience.

And when we can do that, one of the true gifts of Chiron can arise – the kind of compassion that isn’t from that floaty, amazing place of bliss and oneness where nothing hurts anymore, but from right down in the wound.

It’s the ability see someone else’s woundedness out of eyes that feel and accept and understand your own.

This might sound like trauma-bonding – the way people’s wounds get activated by other people’s wounds and it’s all just a gory mess.

That’s not what I mean.

It’s the experience of someone seeing that poisoned, ugly-feeling, shame-inducing place in us…and accepting it because they know their own. They don’t flare up or lash out, because they truly understand where that place of injury is in them and they’ve learned to carry it with skill and grace.

But they’re not “past it” or “through it”  – that wound is right there, still a living part of them. And that lets them see it in us, not so much as a “healer” or “teacher” or “guide” but as a companion, another traveler on this wildly difficult path of being human.

If you’ve had that experience, you KNOW what changes when that happens. You KNOW what untwists in you, at least a little bit, when you are seen that way.

And probably, then, you’ve learned some about how to see OTHERS that way.

THAT is what Chiron makes possible, at its best.

There are two ways to be in this Adventure.

Remember we have a Day group (11am-1pm Pacific) and an Evening group (5:30pm-7:30pm Pacific) so there should be a time that can work for everyone.


One is to bravely let yourself have a 45-50 minute conversation with me about YOUR specific Chiron, in YOUR chart. This is called a Practicum seat and it’s $240. You will absolutely need to be live for your Practicum, although you can get the recordings for all other calls, if that’s what works best. (We schedule the Practicums for whichever call spot you prefer before the course begins.)


So make sure that for the first half or second half of ONE of the six calls, you can be live with me, and that you’re willing to discuss what might be some fairly raw stuff in front of the group (and have it recorded, though it will ONLY go to this group of folks.) You never need to say anything you don’t want to – there’s no forcing, and I do my best to be very sensitive to people’s responses so I honor your capacity. But your willingness to do this is a great deal of what helps everyone else who gets to witness you.


The other way is to be on the calls and in the Facebook group, but NOT have a Practicum session, and that’s $60. You get to be part of the witnessing, and you can ask questions or make comments in the call Q&A or in the group. You just don’t get the personal focus on your own chart.


Anyone, in either type of seat, can be on any call you like – the only requirement is that you MUST be live for your Practicum seat if you have one, based on the schedule we work out before the course begins.

(10 seats)

(10 seats)

(30 seats)