June 2018

(Reposted from Facebook, where this got hot enough for someone to unfriend and block me.) Can we talk about something else no one wants to say? We don't have enough for everyone. Time. Money. Attention. Energy. Adaptability. Interest. Legos. This is something I learned from 25 years of being in polyamorous relationships, because it is a HARD COLD TRUTH there. If you can't learn to be blunt about it, a multi-partner relationship won't even get off the ground. Love is not limited but EVERYTHING ELSE IS. It's true of families too. Of workplaces. Of friends and communities. In the "celebrity suicide aftermath" there is, of course, a ton of discussion about

(Reposted from Facebook, where this got A LOT of conversation going.) Here's the thing, pea pods - when you're suicidal, you DO NOT HAVE THE MEANS TO ASK FOR HELP. This is nearly always true. So telling people who already have the water up to their eyes and are on their last breath to just swim, hard, in the direction of what *might or might not* be a life preserver? Especially when most of the water you're drowning in is SHAME ABOUT BEING WRECKED AND NEEDING ANYTHING?!?!? Come on. Let's not turn away from the terrifying truth of what it feels like to be there and indulge