April 2018

Following on (later than planned) from the Healing vs Tending discussion - if we let go of that "end state" idea that comes with "healing", then what DO we do with the injuries we experience, especially as part of endings? We tend them, obviously. But we also have to CARRY them. This, to me, has been *the* game-changing bit from these past two awful, awful years. I have been working this out in my own way and I am also indebted to Fabeku Fatunmise for his very nuanced and profound presentation of carrying. Carrying says: yes, this injury, this wound, is real. It is part of me. It is

(To be clear - this piece isn't just me subtly shilling for my upcoming group. As I prepare for us to begin I keep learning and discovering things I think would be useful and interesting for all of you, and I want to share those. If you're interested in Tending The Endings, awesome - you can learn more about it here. Meanwhile, whether it's your thang or not, I hope you enjoy my musings!) I’ll be blunt – I think we’ve gotten distorted around this idea of “healing,” so I’d like to propose a different angle. I know this isn’t going to sit well with