All Of Us Together

Alchemy in Community

Some work can only be done in community – each of us reflecting the others, catalyzing the others.
Discovering ourselves through each other.
Sometimes listening quietly, sometimes being the one holding all eyes and ears, learning what’s inside you as it emerges.
Becoming more.
Come join us.

There are currently spots available in Tending The Endings – click to see how we’re learning to do endings very differently.

My current group is called

Tending The Endings.

Endings are a constant part of life…but we fear and avoid them so deeply.

Career changes. Relationship loss. Death. Health issues. The ongoing move through weeks, months, seasons, years.

When we handle these endings well, they “compost” into the rich soil that all the new beginnings need.

Come learn how to “tend your endings” – large and small, voluntary and involuntary, organic and inorganic.

We look at YOUR life, right now, wherever you’ve got endings that need to be done well. We look at extremely pragmatic actions, as well as more mysterious soul-level stuff, and just having a place you can rage and cry and rail against the unfairness of life without being talked out of it or told “everything happens for a reason” or “it’s OK because we’re All One.” We respect each other and support each person’s process, however messy it might be.

You will learn not to fear endings, or your own emotions, and to stay with them to create that “compost” that feeds the life you want!

The group is $50/mo with a 6-month commitment. We have up to 36 people, and when someone gets what they need and moves out of the group, a new seat will open. We have monthly calls, an intimate Facebook group, and email communication.



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