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This is where we get to explore these different faces of human nature and see how much of a mirror they hold up.

Sometimes it’s a single call, sometimes a short class. Often they’re free, sometimes they have a small cost.

I do them because they’re fun, and because every time I start talking about this stuff people ask me for more. 🙂

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Current Adventures

The Primal Animal 

  Six Tuesdays

  Mar 19 – Apr 23

  2:30pm Pacific


All calls recorded plus a Facebook group for discussion

Look at that face.

Do you think that leopard gives any shits whatsoever about how you feel?

Do you think it would hesitate for a single instant to eat YOU if it wanted to?

And do you think it would “feel bad about it” afterward?

What about looking in the mirror and seeing that face looking back at you?

Does that change how you feel about this behavior and approach to life? To relationships?

How do you feel about the fact that the leopard’s face and stance are almost the same as these lions mating?

We understand these qualities FAR BETTER in animals than we do in human nature – but there is an archetypal pattern that looks a lot like this.

People have ALL KINDS OF ISSUES with this one, whether it’s in themselves or they encounter it in others. 
It’s absolutely driven into us – ESPECIALLY into women – that it’s bad, wrong, SELFISH to behave this way, for themselves or anyone else.

Sometimes, in humans, this “primal animal” energy can show up in cooler, calmer, more cerebral ways – but make no mistake. As “civilized” as it can appear, these forms are just as intense, just as driven, just as much about the “rush” of getting what you want.

I am the first one to admit that when these primal qualities turn up in human beings in a “shadow” way, it’s as ugly as it can get.

Humans don’t often handle these energies well, and when they don’t….yeah. It’s every headline, every real-life horror film you have ever dreaded.


If you don’t face it and own it, it will own YOU.

And that’s actually what you’re the most afraid of.

The issue is not these archetypal qualities themselves. The issue is when we try to HIDE FROM THEM.

They’re no more “bad” or “wrong” in us than they are in the leopard, the lions, the shark, the snake – when we can live cleanly with them.

We’re going to look at what it takes to turn towards this energy – to look in the mirror and see one of these faces looking back at you.

We’ll talk about specifically how this shows up for you, in YOUR life, and more importantly, how you can OWN IT instead of letting it own you.

It’ll take courage.
But the payoff is that you will no longer fear your own innate power, intensity, and the desires you have – whatever they are.

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