Archetypal Playground

This is where we get to explore these different faces of human nature and see how much of a mirror they hold up.

Sometimes it’s a single call, sometimes a short class. Often they’re free, sometimes they have a small cost.

I do them because they’re fun, and because every time I start talking about this stuff people ask me for more. 🙂

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Current Adventures


Tues Jul 31

1-2:30pm PDT


♥Do you often feel that what you want most in life is to GO HOME – and “home” is nowhere on earth? Are you looking for the back of the wardrobe, Platform 9 3/4, the Rabbit Hole – because you can hardly bear this world?

♥Have you had unnameable yearnings all your life, pulled like an ocean current towards something you couldn’t even describe or understand? And have you, at times or perhaps constantly, mistakenly saw that yearning in the shape of a person,a substance, an organization, a dream, a spiritual path, a community – and been BADLY disappointed?

♥Do you have a tendency to get entangled in situations or relationships in ways you don’t understand and can’t seem to get free of? Do you end up taking on others’ stuff, and/or (if you’re being honest) expecting them to take on your stuff?

You might be a mermaid – and you don’t know it. Come learn some survival skills for being a mermaid up on land, and for living with and loving mermaids! To get the call details, get on the Archetypal Playground mailing list and I’ll send them!



5 weeks – 25-JUL to 22-Aug

Wednesdays, 2-3pm Pacific


YOU CAN STILL JUMP IN FOR THE REMAINING CALLS IF YOU LIKE! And you will get the recording of all the previous calls so you get all the fun!

By now you’ve heard many terrible things about Mercury Retrograde.

Virtually none of them are true.

Oh, I won’t tell you that things don’t get a little…strange. But if we assume that strange=bad, we miss out on a LOT of fascinating, creative, edifying experiences. I mean, Caterpillars Smoking Hookahs and Disappearing Cats didn’t faze Alice, once she got the hang of it, and she learned some valuable resilience and cool-headedness in the face of the weird!

Hermes, Mercury’s Greek predecessor, was the god of the crossroads, so we’re doing 5 weeks of calls – one for each road and the fifth one for you, standing in the center. All calls are recorded and sent out so if you can’t make it live, you’ll still get the trip!

If you have questions about this, zip over to my contact form and let’s talk. If you dare, though, Follow The White Rabbit and let’s have an adventure! What do you have to lose? Just your normal, everyday consciousness…..


The Wounded Healer And The Unhealable Wound

Tue Sep 25

1:30-3:00pm PDT


Chiron is an important figure in Greek myth, and his name was chosen for the first identified asteroid in the Asteroid Belt in our solar system.

Since then, this body has been tracked and you will most often hear it talked about as the archetypal image of the Wounded Healer. This is a figure we all hear a lot about.

However, Chiron’s story carries a stranger and far more difficult emphasis when we look deeper – the Unhealable Wound.

I will talk more about this distinctly uncomfortable idea, and what it might mean for us to understand better. There will be lots of time for questions so please bring them!