Archetypal Playground

This is where we get to explore these different faces of human nature and see how much of a mirror they hold up.

Sometimes it’s a single call, sometimes a short class. Often they’re free, sometimes they have a small cost.

I do them because they’re fun, and because every time I start talking about this stuff people ask me for more. 🙂

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Current Adventures

Complexity and Paradox in Human Nature

Mon Nov 12

10:00-11:30am PDT


One of the most common things I see in people everywhere is this “flattening” – the idea that you can only be “one thing, one way,” that if you have two apparently-contradictory sets of desires, tendencies, or ways of being, you have to “MAKE UP YOUR MIND.”

That is UTTER BULLSHIT. It’s one of the most destructive ideas any of us has been pounded down by.

The very definition of paradox is: two things that cannot both be true, and yet they are.

This is what myth teaches us, what LIFE teaches us, and what it means to be human.

We really are ALL/AND. I want to give you permission – because I just don’t hear it happening enough in our world – to be ALL of you, without anything needing to “match” or “resolve” in your messy, glorious, complex nature. Come on down and let’s talk about it.