Archetypal Playground

This is where we get to explore these different faces of human nature and see how much of a mirror they hold up.

Sometimes it’s a single call, sometimes a short class. Often they’re free, sometimes they have a small cost.

I do them because they’re fun, and because every time I start talking about this stuff people ask me for more. 🙂

To sign up to find out about these calls, get the call-in deets, and get the recordings after, please get on the list. I ONLY use this list to let people know about calls or recordings.

Current Adventures

The Path of Mastery

Four Weeks
July 15, 22, 29, and Aug 5
$150 Practicum, $50 Auditorium
Day and evening class times
All calls via Zoom (recorded)
Facebook group for all participants

This is about a dimension of our nature I call our Path of Mastery – the thing that’s so bloody hard and that we suck every time we reach for and yet…we also can’t stop wanting it. We compensate like mad around all of that. We try desperately to convince ourselves either we don’t want it, or that we already have it.

None of it works. We still want it, and it’s still so hard.

The only answer is just to commit ourselves to the difficult, failure-strewn, cold, rocky path.

Why? Why on earth would that seem like good advice, or anything other than masochism (not the fun kind?)


It requires humility, and struggle (the right kind,) and devotion to the path itself. It’s just that most of us don’t know that’s what’s happening, and then we fall into the shadow expression of this part of us, and we’re not failing for any good reason, not to learn or move forward or develop or climb that path. We’re just suffering.

Each of us has this Path of Mastery in us. Inevitably it’s one of the hardest areas of our lives. But trying to run away, hide from it, “opt out,” put in a “placeholder,” etc. simply doesn’t work. We still know something is calling us there and it will not accept anything other than our tears, our blood, our bones.

I want to help people know what that is so they can suffer less and fail for the RIGHT reasons.

So that their failure becomes the price of the mastery they are earning.

Mermaid Adventure Begins Again This Summer!

Day and evening class times
All calls via Zoom (recorded)
Facebook group for all participants

The Mermaid. Possibly the most elusive, powerful, and – when handled unconsciously – the most deeply problematic archetype in all of human nature.

This is the part of us that yearns to be THERE
– the place that is not Here, the place where everything is transcendently perfect and blissful. The part of us that doesn’t WANT to be a separate, defined, autonomous human – that wants to just sink into someone, something, somewhere, and stop struggling. Stop hurting. Just float.

This is the part of us looking for the Wardrobe. The Portal. The Secret Door.

The hard part is that while we can and do find it sometimes, we can’t stay There. And as we know if we pay attention to the stories, the door usually doesn’t work the same way twice – or even at all. So we inevitably have to come back and be Here, which is always sadder and harder than There, and sometimes we have to stay Here for much longer stretches than we’d like to.

Figuring out how to live this way without being catastrophically depressed, addicted, enmeshed, or just numb is perhaps a tad more challenging than it appears – but it is doable! I’ve been on this journey most of my life, and I work with a LOT of part-Mermaid humans, and I’ve found some really effective ways to have a different relationship with your own Mermaid.

We’re going to spend six weeks teasing this part of you into the light where we can see how she operates in you and in your life, and learn how to shift that into much, much more constructive and healthy shapes for your precise personal nature.

People who took the first two rounds of this Adventure with me, as well as clients doing 1:1 work on their Mermaid, have said it’s changed how they move through the world profoundly.

It’s helped them understand addictions, messy relationships, that pervasive sense of melancholy and yearning for something they can’t identify or put words to. It’s helped them see the ways in which they “check out” of life or “disappear” in so many different ways.

Most importantly, it’s helped change their relationship with their own boundaries. If you have a strong Mermaid component to your nature, the usual advice and direction about creating and maintaining boundaries usually doesn’t work, and that can leave you feeling like a failure.

Once you learn to understand why the Mermaid fears and loathes boundaries, and how to take care of her WITHOUT having your whole life be a blurry, collapsing mess, you’ll be able to have boundaries that actually WORK.

I’m doing this Adventure differently, so it’s going to allow for each person to have a full 45-minute review during one of the class calls of their individual Mermaid arrangement. We’ll talk about what the specific challenges are for you with this Mermaid part of you, and offer you pragmatic ways to improve your relationship with her so she can work with you and not against you.

We’ll have a day group and a night group, to allow maximum participation, and each group will need to have at least 6 people to go forward, and no more than 10.

Please Stay Tuned. I’ll have dates up as soon as I know them!